Dear readers,

A year ago, I announced that it was Time For A Change… I never imagined it would take a whole year to re-launch my blog but life has a funny habit of getting in the way!
Funky Wellies Random Thoughts is back with a new design and it is my great pleasure to announce that I will not be the sole writer of this blog anymore: First Daughter is joining me to become a regular contributor. The idea is to write about what matters to us and, we believe, to many people. Human rights, and particularly women’s rights are regressing, climate change is spiralling, extremism is rearing its ugly head again, there is much happening in our world and we feel the need to share our opinion. When possible, we would also like to put the spotlight on projects or individuals who are doing the right thing.
First Daughter and I very much hope that you will enjoy the new format of Funky Wellies Random Thoughts and stay along for the ride.


4 thoughts on “Change Was A Long Time Coming…”

  1. I am definitely along for the ride. We share these concerns in common…and we need each other!

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