I thought I had better get on with the promised dedicated Carnival post. Before we know it Easter will be upon us and then talking about “Fasching” as we say in our area will not make a lot of sense…


Carnival is popular in the whole of Germany but there are differences depending on the region you happen to live in. In the North, you will have parties but no parades. In Köln and its surrounding, the parades will consist almost exclusively of floats, very spectacular ones for the bigger cities. In the South, you will find that people dressed up as drag queens or various animals, for example, and brass bands are the norm. As for us, we get the best of both worlds, floats, fancy dress and music, but beware of the witches or you might lose your hat!

I discovered how well celebrated Carnival is last year already and frankly I am amazed at the effort people put in it. About fifty groups, some of them having come a relatively long way, took to the streets of our little town a couple of weeks ago and I was really impressed with some of the floats – the Aladdin one that I used for my Silent Sunday post being the best in my opinion.


So many parties are being organized that it is difficult to choose one. As explained in my “One Word | Damsel” post, we went to the same place as last year, a fantastic historical museum in a nearby pretty town. We like the fact that they link the theme of the Faschingsparty to their current exhibition. We had witches last year, the Middle Ages this year, curious about next year!


I was however a bit baffled to discover that a lot of the music was either hits from the Neue Deutsche Welle – German punk rock/new wave music popular in the 80’s – or the traditional Schlager genre. Needless to say I was not able to sing along much for my first German Carnival experience but I already did better this year. All I need to do now is keep practicing to be ready for Fasching 2012!

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4 thoughts on “Carnival In Germany”

  1. We have a carnival in our town every May, the Spalding Flower Parade. There are floats decorated with tulip heads as we are a bulb-growing area of the country. A few years ago I was part of the parade, performing on one of the music floats and getting a bit of publicity for our musical theatre productions – a great experience. It all got a bit racy the year we did Witches of Eastwick!!

    1. I may have to come and see this, then! 🙂 Witches of Eastwick? Would have loved to see this, thought it was such an enjoyable movie!

  2. Yes, please, practice a little bit more ! You should think about your next dress ;-)) You have enough imagination to find something really amazing !

    1. So I can embarrass Sexy Hubby with my terrible singing next year? LOL! As soon as the exhibition which will still be on around Fasching will be known, you can be sure that I will think about my costume! 🙂

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