During our Alternative Christmas week in the South of France, we decided to pop over to Carcassonne. Sexy Hubby and I were quite curious to see how different the impressive fortified city would look like in the winter. It is not the first time I have written about this historical town, Magnificent Carcassonne will tell you more about its past and Annual Trip To The South Of France show you some more impressions.

We had expected the city to look like a ghost town so the first surprise was that the closest car park was full! Admittedly, being the Christmas week, we were not the only ones on holiday. However, once in the city itself, you could really notice the contrast with the summer months. Yes, there were people around, quite a few shops and restaurants were open, but you could walk around very comfortably. Cute Doggy very much appreciated this, especially in the narrower streets!

Sexy Hubby had the great pleasure of tasting yet another cassoulet; in fact, we came home with four huge tins of his beloved dish. The lady in front of the Haunted House looked hopefully at me but I told her I had visited already. I assured her that both my daughters absolutely loved it, bought a ticket every year and that it would no doubt be the case again in 2015!

We then surprised our friend Zanda, who was exhibiting in his atelier with another two artists during the Christmas period. It was lovely to catch up and we left with a regional cookery book illustrated by him. I also bought our fifth painting as a present for Sexy Hubby for his music room, which you will discover on this blog next Sunday.

Have you been to Carcassonne too?
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    1. It is a beautiful town.
      As for the Haunted House, I do not go every year like my daughters but it is worth visiting once! 😉 xx

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