I knew Bryan Adams as a singer of course. His second occupation as a talented photographer was however until recently new to me.



The NRW Forum in Düsseldorf is currently running Bryan Adams Exposed until May 22nd. Sexy Hubby and I picked the right weekend for a photo exhibition, as the weather was cold, windy and most of the time rainy. We were therefore quite happy to dive into the lobby of the museum when we arrived. We started with lunch in the Caffè, a nice small place with food of Mediterranean inspiration before buying our tickets.



The exhibition is split into two parts: Strong shots of celebrities and poignant pictures of British soldiers injured in combat. The portrait of Marie Colvin, the Sunday Times war correspondent who was killed in Syria last year, could perhaps be seen as a link between the two.

The souls and turbulent lives of many of the photographer’s subjects clearly came through. I am thinking in particular about actors Mickey Rourke and Danny Trejo or singer Amy Winehouse. The lost look in her eyes stayed with me for quite a while. On a lighter note Sexy Hubby was delighted to notice the presence of Monica Bellucci and Laetitia Casta… I could not say which photo was my favourite but I thought the series on Ben Kingsley was fabulous.

We then walked into the British soldiers area. And the story of every image hit us. Missing limbs, burns, haunted eyes, look of pride: The mix of emotions must vary from one person to the next but to remain indifferent is impossible.




We ended our tour with a few more famous people and then walked out, very impressed. The skies had cleared a little at last and we enjoyed the rows of colourful tulips in front of the building on our way back to the car.


Website: Bryan Adams Exposed
Entrance fee: 5.80 euro
Dates: 2nd February to 22nd May 2013

6 thoughts on “Bryan Adams Exposed
NRW Forum- Düsseldorf

    1. I did not know either until I read about the exhibition in the papers! I looked at his website, quite a lot of photos were exposed at the NRW Forum. There were some really stunning shots, even more so as the photos were pretty big. xx

    1. It was a big surprise to me too! I totally recommend the exhibition should it come your way, pretty fabulous. xx

    1. I agree, and it is great when they explore new ways of showing their talent. I also very much like that he did the series about the British soldiers, for me it added another dimension. xx

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