In exactly one month, I will be joining more than 500 other bloggers at the Brewery in London for the 2014 edition of BritMums Live. I am very much looking forward to this two-day event and thought I would join the linky to introduce myself.

If you are a brand reading this and looking for someone to sponsor, a few facts about my blog and what I could offer in return can be found here. Thank you!


BritMums Live 2014 - Blogging Event - The Brewery London - Katia Funkywellies


Name: Katia. I am a trilingual writer, blogger and MarCom consultant.

Blog: Funky Wellies Random Thoughts

Twitter ID: @funky_wellies

Height: 5ft 7in

Hair: Long, wavy and brown

Eyes: Green-brown

Is this your first blogging conference?
No, it will be my second one. Last year I went to Cybher.

Are you attending both days?
Of course!

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2014?
To finally meet some of the lovely bloggers I have been interacting with for the past four years and the fact that literary agents will be on site.

What are you wearing?
I have not quite decided yet, but leopard print will be involved…

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2014?
I am hoping to meet with one of the literary agents and to ask for an opinion about the book I am currently writing.
There is always something new to learn in the blogging world so I am also looking forward to add to my knowledge.
Interacting with brands will be great too and might even lead to working together.
Finally, I am sure it will be two fun-packed days.

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before?
Try to decide beforehand what matters most to you during these two days: The sessions you want to attend, the bloggers you most definitely would like to meet, the brands you are interested in, etc.
As always when having fun, time goes by rather fast, so plan accordingly.
Take notes as you go along. You will not remember everything afterwards.
And last but not least, no need to be anxious… You will meet lovely people and everything will be fine.

See you there! 🙂

17 thoughts on “BritMums Live! 2014 |
I Will Be There

    1. You are definitely on my “must meet” list, Mari. So yes, with great pleasure! 🙂 xx

  1. Woo can’t wait for BritMums! I’m really excited about this one although I may be hanging up my conference shoes after this year! Can’t wait to meet you – I don’t know what I’m wearing either and tend not to recognize people face to face, so feel free to grab me and say hello! See you soon!

    1. Thank you, Emma, let’s see!
      Will be great to meet you… and speak German? 😉 xx

  2. Good luck with the sponsor, and I hope it goes well at the literary agent event – I loved the excerpts you posted of you book! I will be there too, I haven’t planned my days properly yet but will look out for the leopard print and grab you if I see you!

    1. Thanks so much, Rachael! I have started re-writing one half of my book as I was not happy with it, hoping to have enough material to bring with me.
      Lovely to read that you will also be there. I will look out for you too, but by all means yes, grab me if you see me!! xx

    1. We are bound to spot each other instantly then, right? 😉
      Very excited about meeting you too. 🙂 xx

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