Last week, the theme for The Gallery was “Landscapes” and I posted a photo taken in my native country, Switzerland.

My friend Linley commented on it, saying that the next time I showed one, it should feature snow. I answered that I was counting on her to provide me with the perfect picture… and she did! In fact, she even sent two, and I am posting both of them. I have not edited them at all, they are being shown just the way they were sent to me.

And I think that “breathtaking” describes the feeling when looking at them perfectly.

7 thoughts on “Breathtaking”

    1. Thank you Mari. Switzerland is amazing, isn’t it ?

      Pictures are taken at Saas Fee.

      I took the first picture at the top level of the ski aera (3500 m). So the village was in the clouds but not the ski.

      The second one is taken in a restaurant area. So we can eat in front of this amazing landscape.

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