This is a familiar sight in our home: Sexy Hubby in the lounge with his guitar – minus the shades usually, but regular readers know by now that this is how we appear on this blog.


He also spends time in his study playing, alone or with friends, recording, mixing until he is totally satisfied with the outcome. He is passionate about it, music is very important to him, and I love sneaking up on him while the guitar comes to life in his hands, the earphones preventing him from hearing me. I then have the privilege of witnessing how he has lost himself in the song.


But Sexy Hubby is also very romantic… Take last week, for example. I spent Valentine’s Day alone as he was in Tucson, Arizona on business. He landed early in the morning on Friday, and this is what came out of his suitcase:




I love Victoria’s Secret underwear. And you are probably aware of my passion for leopard print too. The combination of the first set could not have been more perfect, and the lacy one is gorgeous as well. I am also quite partial to their perfumes, and “Tease” is already a beloved addition to my collection. I did not know the brand offered chocolates too, apparently this was a Valentine’s Day special, and yes, these heart-shaped truffles were heavenly – sorry, by the time I got around to taking the photos, they had all been eaten, but isn’t the box absolutely pretty? Oh, and last but not least: all the lingerie came in the right size, without asking me.


I love my romantic rock guitarist, for many, many reasons. And the fact that he gets it completely right every single time with presents because he pays attention to what I like and wants to make me happy has to be one of them.




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20 thoughts on “Boys – A Belated Valentine’s Day With A Rock Guitarist”

  1. You must have been very happy!! Not only did he give you a nice present but also he gave you the nicest of all: he really listens to you because he loves you!!!

    1. And I do intend on keeping him!! 😉 As for the chair, he read your comment and said: “Does Trish know that when you are in the lounge I am not allowed to sit on it?”
      He is right: Definitely MY zebra chair… xx

    1. I think he looks pretty good too – with or without the guitar!! 😉 I was really touched by his thoughtfulness. xx

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