If you have visited my blog before, there is a good chance that you have noticed my infatuation with Bon Jovi… Sexy Hubby and I saw the band live in Cologne in June during their Because We Can tour, but I thought this was no reason not to give Bounce, the most successful Bon Jovi tribute band in Germany, a go. And I am very glad we did.

The show started with Blood on Blood and from the first notes, Bounce had the audience. I was gobsmacked at how close to the original they sounded, to the point that I toyed with the idea of asking Oliver Henrich, the charismatic front man, if he came from New Jersey too! The band was founded in 2001 and they have 65 Bon Jovi songs on their playlist to pick from; obviously they played all the big hits from Keep The Faith to Livin’ On A Prayer, but also songs more seldom heard such as Wild Is The Wind or Dry County. All five musicians are very gifted and insufflate lots of energy and musical enthusiasm into the concert. Their performance lasted over three hours, with a short break in the middle, in true Bon Jovi style. The concert ended with Runaway as the last encore, and yes, the singer could still hit those high notes to perfection!

I am sure we will go to another Bounce concert. As you can see, I even bought a T-Shirt! I also did thank Oliver Henrich after the show, because what made the evening even more special for me is that Always was on the set list… Finally!


Bounce Bon Jovi Tribute Band Germany

Bounce German Bon Jovi Cover Band
Wie die regelmäßigen Leser meines Blogs wissen, bin ich ein großer Bon Jovi Fan… Sexy Hubby und ich haben die Band im Juni live in Köln während der Because We Can Tour gesehen, aber das war für uns kein Grund, mal einen Abend mit Bounce, der erfolgreichsten Bon Jovi Cover Band in Deutschland, nicht zu erleben. Ich freue mich sehr, dass wir es gemacht haben.

Die Show fing mit Blood on Blood an und die Band fesselte das Publikum schon mit den ersten Noten. Ich war total überrascht: Sie kamen dem Original verblüffend nah. Ich wollte eigentlich Oliver Henrich, den charismatischen Frontman, fragen, ob er auch aus New Jersey stammt! Bounce wurde im 2001 gegründet und sie haben eine Auswahl von 65 Bon Jovi Songs auf Ihrer Playlist. Natürlich haben sie alle großen Hits von Keep The Faith bis Livin’ On A Prayer gespielt, aber auch seltenere Songs wie Wild Is The Wind oder Dry County. Alle fünf Musiker sind sehr talentiert und versprühen viel Energie und Spielfreude während des Konzerts. Ihre Show dauerte mehr als drei Stunden, mit einer kleinen Pause zwischendrin, ganz in echter Bon Jovi Manier. Das Konzert endete mit Runaway als letzte Zugabe , und ja, der Sänger konnte diese hohen Noten sogar am Ende der Show noch sauber treffen!

Ich bin mir sicher, dass wir wieder einen Gig von Bounce besuchen werden. Wie ihr sehen könnt, habe ich sogar ein T-Shirt gekauft! Ich habe mich auch bei Oliver Henrich nach der Show bedankt, weil der Abend ganz besonders für mich war: Always war auf der Setlist… Endlich!


Bounce Bon Jovi Tribute Band Deutschland

Bounce T-Shirt

  • Oliver Henrich: Vocals, guitars
  • Jens Rösel: Guitars, background-vocals
  • Johannes E. Brunn: Keyboards, piano, background-vocals
  • Tommylare: Bass, background-vocals
  • Olav Quick: Drums, percussion

Photos of the band courtesy of their website.

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13 thoughts on “Bounce
Bon Jovi Tribute Band

    1. Yes, I could not quite believe it when I heard the first notes! 😉
      They really are incredibly good, we had a blast. xx

    1. You already know why now… 😉 But for other readers who may not know, Bounce is the name of a Bon Jovi album.
      And yes, they look pretty good! 😉 xx

    1. Indeed! I did not know what to expect but was very impressed.
      Thanks, I think the T-Shirt looks cool too! 😉 xx

  1. ooh they are very good and Always is just a fantastic song. I do love high quality tribute bands, they can be almost as great as the real thing. I went to see Australian Pink Floyd last year and they were incredible x

    1. I agree, they can be pretty good, and the Bounce guys really are. Glad you like Always too! 😉 I was so chuffed they played it. xx

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