After the concert, the outfits and the stage, today is Bon Jovi VIP package experience day. A big thank you to our respective families whose Christmas present last year was to participate to the cost of the tickets.



  • NOT having to queue for hours beforehand. We arrived and were ushered straight into the stadium without even slowing down.
  • An indoor area pleasant enough with food and drinks, Bon Jovi memorabilia and music.
  • A covered outdoor area with plush, comfortable seats and a great view onto the stage. If it had started to rain we also could have decided to stay there instead of going into the Diamond Circle.
  • Nice, clean toilets with plenty of loo paper. No Portaloos, bliss!
  • Smiley, welcoming, friendly and helpful staff. All of them.
  • Meeting a lovely couple and spending a good part of the evening with them. The lady told us about how they ran into the band in the Adlon Hotel in Berlin a few years ago and asked them if they would pose for a photo with her. They graciously obliged. She sent me the photos the next day. To say that I was jealous of her story is an understatement! 😉



  • On the Wednesday we still had not received any information about where we were supposed to go, at what time the doors would open for Diamond Circle visitors, etc. I sent an email to the company we had bought the tickets from and they said they were still waiting themselves to be briefed by the tour promoter! We received an email the following day, with quite a creative information mix between the concert in Stuttgart the day before and our concert in Cologne… About an hour later we finally got the right email. Not impressed.
  • The food was quite tasty but not what you would expect in a “VIP” area. If you look at the photo of the menu, even if your German is limited or non-existent you will see that the choice was very limited. No dessert either. And frankly we would have expected something else than sausages or pasta… Three years ago at the Scorpions concert in Berlin we had been amazed at the choice laid out for us. This time not at all.
  • We were told this beforehand so it did not come as a surprise but the “free” bar closed at 19:30, half an hour before the start of the concert. Excuse me? Again in the O2 Arena in Berlin you could get whatever you wanted BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the concert… Without having to pay any extra.
  • The merchandise, as you can see on the photo, was nothing to rave about: A plastic “shopping bag”, a souvenir brochure, our Diamond Circle badge, a woollen hat and a rain poncho. This last item will come in handy for the next rainy rock festival we attend, but seriously? Not even a T-Shirt? Nope, I had to fork out another 40 Euros for a very average quality souvenir T-Shirt… I know, I did not have to but I wanted something I could wear a bit more often than a woolly hat!


So what would your average Tommy and Gina have thought? Probably the same as us: It was a fabulous evening and Bon Jovi delivered a high standard show but the package was not the best. This of course has nothing to do with the band and there are differences depending on the venue. We started talking with two ladies and they said they were really impressed with what they had received and the way everything was organised two years ago in Mannheim. That time we “only” had Gold Circle tickets so we cannot compare.

No backstage tour was included and sadly no meet & greet with Bon Jovi either! The latter of course I would have liked and given the price of the tickets, it would have been a nice touch to send us backstage in “batches” to shake hands and take a couple of photos.

Perhaps next time? 😉


PS: If you are wondering who Tommy and Gina are, just listen to the lyrics of Livin’ On A Prayer…


DiamondCircleVIPExperience_1 DiamondCircleVIPExperience_2 DiamondCircleVIPExperience_3 DiamondCircleVIPExperience_4 DiamondCircleVIPExperience_5 DiamondCircleVIPExperience_6





4 thoughts on “Bon Jovi Diamond Circle VIP Experience”

  1. Oh what a shame that they didn’t push the boat out for a diamond vip experience Katia. Especially for a Bon Jovi show, the promoter must have made a fortune because I bet it was a sell out show. Still I’m sure Bon Jovi themselves were well worth it. I’d love to see Scorpions too 🙂

    1. They were totally worth it! 😀
      I thought I would give an honest review of our package though.
      The Scorpions were fantastic too, would quite like to see them again too… 😉 xx

  2. It does look like a fantastic occasion, even if there were some disappointments. The view from your seats in itself made it worthwhile. Sofia is splendid x.

    1. It was, we thoroughly enjoyed the evening but I thought I would give a fair review. We did enjoy these comfortable seats and the view before moving into the Diamond Circle for the concert. Sofia was amazing indeed, and HUGE! xx

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