This is the last post of my Bon Jovi week and a cute story… If you have read the other posts you know by now that Sexy Hubby and I went to Cologne last weekend to see Bon Jovi perform live on their Because We Can world tour. I may have mentioned, just once or twice of course, that I would be very happy if they played Always. It is my favourite song in the ballad category and when we saw the band two years ago it was not on the set list. I also hinted that I would love to hear These Days too. Then I jokingly said that I should appeal to Bon Jovi and Phil X on Twitter with my request.

Second Daughter innocently asked me for their Twitter names and told me to leave it to her. She disappeared with Cute Doggy into her bedroom and came out a while later with this:

 Bon Jovi - Twitter Request for Always and These Days

I was really touched by her efforts and the love she put into this. I am not sure how much of the plan Cute Doggy understood but he complied nicely when being asked to sit in his bed with Second Daughter. I took the photo and noticing on our way to Cologne that Phil X was online I added it to my reply to Phil’s Stuttgart tweet. This was the result:

Bon Jovi - Twitter interaction with Phil X

I was gobsmacked. Phil X has over 15’000 followers on Twitter and Bon Jovi over a million so I never really expected my little tweet to get noticed. When it got re-tweeted and replied to I thought I might be in with a chance. I know, I know, a bit naive but what can I say? I love stories with happy endings.

Bon Jovi - Twitter request for Always and These Days - Cute Doggy accessoriesIt is not very visible on the Twitter photo but Cute Doggy was wearing a Bon Jovi scarf handmade by Second Daughter. The headband he refused to wear… 😉

When we picked up Second Daughter on Sunday her first question was:
“Did it work? Did Bon Jovi play Always and These Days for you?”
I had to disappoint her by telling her that my wish had not been granted. She looked crestfallen but I assured her it was a fantastic concert and that This Ain’t A Love Song, my second favourite ballad, was part of the Bon Jovi set list that night.

I wish I could have entitled this post A Twitter Fairytale but it was not to be!

10 thoughts on “Bon Jovi
A Twitter Story

  1. Aw I love this story Katia and it is a bit of a fairytale really, look what your beautiful daughter tried to do for you, that’s pretty special and hey she managed to get you a tweet 🙂

    1. Yes, I was not really expecting that the tweet would get noticed so it was nice. I just wished it had worked to make her smile. 🙂 xx

  2. Ma petite nièce chérie, tu es la plus adorable nièce du monde (well avec ta soeur of course!!) et je t’aime très fort. Suis fière de ton grand coeur. Et le chien chien mignon me semble être un parfait compagnon pour toi. Bisous bisous

    1. Message pour ma tata : Merci, c’était super de faire cela avec mon chien et j’aurais aimé que Bon Jovi jouent ces chansons pour ma maman ! A bientôt et gros bisous, je t’aime très fort aussi. xx

    1. I said: Nope, but tomorrow in #Cologne! :o) And a message from my daughter…
      Phil X re-tweeted and said: looks like a message from your doggie.
      My reply: LOL!! He was part of the master plan for sure but needed help with the writing!! Looking forward to tomorrow.
      Now you know everything… It was lovely from her, and I do wish it had worked for her sake… xx

    1. Thanks, thought so too! No idea why, I know they had a plane to catch but still, would have been so great to tell her that her idea had worked… xx

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