When I discovered the prompt for this week’s Gallery I have to confess that I first had naughty ideas, to the horror of one of my favourite models, namely Sexy Hubby… Obviously this would not do, so what else to choose?

I could do hands, I thought. I have lovely photos of adults and children’s hands which could make an interesting collage.

I then remembered doing a water play photo shoot of my daughters back in 2005. This was in my “previous life” when we were living in Switzerland, we had not redone the garden adding automatic watering yet and we had this funny device that moves from one side to the other. The girls loved it and were never deterred by the iciness of the water squirting out so one day, I spent about an hour photographing them and this too could have made a great assemblage.

But then came THE idea… We all love “The Addams Family”, either the old black and white movies or the more recent ones, and over the years we have developed a passion for Cousin Itt. This means that haircut permitting we sometimes take photos impersonating this great character.

The first person in this collection of photos is… me. I know, my hair was not quite there yet but I did try and yes, I did wear this horrible shell suit. To my defence, this was in the eighties! The second lady is my sister, the photo was taken on the same day as I can still recall that we were in a silly mood. The third one is a friend of my sister when they both came to visit me while I was living in Vienna. Her hair was so long it was just perfect and we added the glasses as a finishing touch. Last but not least is my younger daughter, I took this shot just before Christmas. She is always up for that kind of activities and I am proud that she is carrying on with the family tradition!

0 thoughts on “Body Parts – Meet Cousin Itt!”

  1. Fantastic! Utterly hilarious! Please let me know if I can use it on my blog, will credit you if I get appropriate inspiration to go with it! Thanks for the grin!

    1. Glad it made you laugh! I have to confess that I was laughing too while writing the post… Surprised that my sister has not say “how dare you” yet, though!

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aren’t you supposed to ASK people before you post their pic? 🙂 Thank God I cut my hair, no more Cousin Itt for me now!

    1. LOL!! I knew you would love it… 😉 Well, my policy is that people shown on my blog cannot be recognized and I think this is the case with today’s post… Be grateful, I have worse photos of you!!