… an afternoon by the water, sitting in the sun with friends.

I spent the whole of last week travelling, visiting family and friends in Switzerland and France. I did not fancy staying home on my own for that first week after my daughter’s departure, so this was the perfect antidote to the spectre of a gloomy time. It was lovely to have time to catch up properly with so many people dear to me. I drove many, many kilometres but it was absolutely worth it.

These two photos were taken the day before I started my journey back. I had picked up a friend on the Wednesday and we had gone and stay with another one. The weather was so gorgeous that Thursday that relaxing by the lake was the only suitable option, really.

The place we went to by the Annecy Lake was heavenly. It had restaurant, lounge and sun chairs areas. We had lunch on the restaurant terrace then walked down a flight of stairs to the lounge area. We remained there for the rest of the afternoon, and it was a struggle to leave. I would also have loved to taste one of their Mojitos (about twenty different ones on offer) but since I was facing a rather long drive I decided against it. Next time!

How about you? What is bliss for you?

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