I took this photo a while ago. I was wandering in the old town and noticed this shoe display in a shop window. Now this is not the kind of shoes that I would wear. I like at least a little bit of heel on mine (except for trainers and flip-flops, obviously). However, they made me think, the one in the middle especially, of a friend of mine with a taste for funky shoes. I have never forgotten the pair she bought when we were living in the UK, painted in bold colours with a sunset scene complete with palm tree!


I got my iPhone out once again and immortalized the moment. Then I sent her an email with the picture attached, telling her she needed a little holiday in Germany as I had found the perfect shop for her. Did she come and visit? Yes, in June last year. Did we make it to that place? No, we were too busy sightseeing, sitting by the river at our favourite beach bar or attending a country music festival! She will have to come again for that shoe shopping session…

Now tell me: what is your type of shoes?


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32 thoughts on “Black & White – Window Display”

    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm! 🙂 I have a high heeled shoes post in the pipeline, I will make sure to let you know about it!!

  1. Lovely post,
    now talking of shoes where do you want me to start lol, I buy heels but never wear them i could do with some funky flats methinks,thanks for the lovely comments on my blog 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Curious as to why you do not wear your heels, but you could come to Germany for funky flats!

    1. Indeed I have! 🙂 The trick is to find high heels which are comfortable… Fortunately, I have a few pairs like that. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. The magical thing about this photo is that even though it is of shoes I don’t want them because I try and avoid black (not always possible) or white (always and forever) shoes/sandles/flipflops/boots and especially wellies.

    1. Then it is a good thing that I did not post the photo in colour… You may have liked the one in the middle!! 😉

    1. I sent her the link… 😉 I am sure she will be back, as she loved it here when she visited.

  3. these aren’t my taste but if you have the right outfit I bet they could look very cool. I’m actually not keen on shoes, I like flip flops and birkenstocks in Summer in winter boots. I do have a soft spot for Camper shoes – comfy and funky, have a great pair of camper boots I’ve worn winter in/winter out for years.

        1. In that case… It will be my pleasure to go shopping with you! 😉
          And then of course to see you wear them with your leather trousers… 🙂

  4. What a great take on this weeks theme! And what a great photo if it got your friend to come out and visit you!
    I like all types of shoes really – I have pairs I never wear but if they were a bargain and looked fab I had to buy them! I miss nit going out in my lovely shies and trying nt to fall over while drunk. Mind you, I can trip up even when wearing flatshoes !!

    1. Thanks, Jenny! 🙂 I have to confess that I also have shoes I never – or almost never – wear… I am sure you will go out again in your lovely shoes, I know I do! 😉

  5. I used to have a pair of funky Doc Martins I loved! They were always getting complements.

    Unfortunately I have a chronic pain condition so I’ve been stuck in trainers for the last ten years. (Can you imagine going to a wedding in a posh dress and trainers?! It’s really awful.) I had to give all my favourite shoes away.

    Recently I found Hotter shoes, they are really aimed at grannies, but they have an amazing amount of cushioning. It’s the first time I’ve been able to wear anything that resembled a normal shoe. Even the heels are rather comfortable! I still go for flats most of the time, but I’m completely thrilled with them.

    1. Would have loved this see your Doc Martins! Very sorry to hear about your chronic pain condition, yes, I can imagine how you felt at that wedding. 🙁 Glad you found these Hotter shoes now, they sound perfect!

      1. I had a surgery in a leg years ago and couldn´t use high heels for a while or any type of shoes that pressed my feet so it was sandals or flipflops and after a while sport shoes because they were more comfortable.

        I guess I got used to it !! :):)

    1. Thanks! 🙂 The more I read the answers the more I think we should organize a “go out together in our fabulous shoes” event!!

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