Inspired by one of my lovely British friends, I recently turned the side of our built-in fridge into a black board.

I bought special paint, but should you want to do the same, I can tell you that the recommended two coats will not be enough. I ended up doing four to get a good result.

Once it was dry, our new black board just stood there for a couple of weeks, bare. Until last night, when Second Daughter asked me if she could use it. I handed her a piece of chalk, and this is what she wrote: BlackBoard

I think her message might stay there for quite a while… 🙂





16 thoughts on “Black Board”

    1. It is a simple thing to do but it really adds something. I had been looking for ages for a suitable black board to hang there without success.
      As for the message, yes, I was touched to see that it was the first thing she wrote on it… xx

  1. Aww that’s a lovely idea 🙂 I’ve been thinking about making a bit of our kitchen into a blackboard for my son too, will add that back onto my huge to-do list ;o)

    1. This idea had not occurred to me, but posting it on the blog was not the only reason I took a photo…

  2. Just the thing to make a mummy’s heart melt. Children pull at our heartstrings just when we least expect it.

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