Black Board

Inspired by one of my lovely British friends, I recently turned the side of our built-in fridge into a black board.

I bought special paint, but should you want to do the same, I can tell you that the recommended two coats will not be enough. I ended up doing four to get a good result.

Once it was dry, our new black board just stood there for a couple of weeks, bare. Until last night, when Second Daughter asked me if she could use it. I handed her a piece of chalk, and this is what she wrote: BlackBoard

I think her message might stay there for quite a while… 🙂





16 thoughts on “Black Board

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      It is a simple thing to do but it really adds something. I had been looking for ages for a suitable black board to hang there without success.
      As for the message, yes, I was touched to see that it was the first thing she wrote on it… xx

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      This idea had not occurred to me, but posting it on the blog was not the only reason I took a photo…


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