I am not in a running phase at the moment, but I am very much in a walking mood.

Most mornings while in France, I got up and went for long promenades on the beach. I love it. I love the subdued atmosphere early in the day before everyone arrives armed with towels, sand toys and umbrellas. The sun is just coming up, and the only souls are walkers like me or runners, dog lovers with their companions, a lone parent with young children and fishermen. Sometimes you also come across people who have slept on the beach, still in the land of dreams and oblivious to whatever is going on around them.

On every little trip I took my iPhone with me, as I wanted to immortalize the finds, pretty or not, that would happen to cross my path.

Here is the selection I finally settled on. I hope you will enjoy them, just click on the first photo to start the gallery.



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9 thoughts on “Beach Finds”

    1. Exactly! I find it fascinating, every walk was different. And yes, it is very good for the soul… xx

  1. I too love to walk in the beach very early in the morning when there is no loudness except for the ocean … you find pretty treasures in your walk!!!

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