After my teaser post for The Gallery yesterday, I thought I would start my review of our magnificent holiday in Barcelona with a food related post. I will of course write about the fantastic evening meals we had, but for now we will concentrate on the food shopping!

La Boqueria is located off La Rambla, one of Barcelona’s most touristic streets. This is not where I would personally recommend eating. As it was quite late on our first night we had tapas in a café there, but it was overpriced and of average quality. The food market, however, is something entirely different.

I have honestly never seen such a plentiful, colourful, wonderful display in my life:

  • Every possible species of fish was presented on the beds of ice, some of them we had never heard of before, and many crabs and lobsters could be seen moving
  • Mountains of fresh vegetables and fruit, both local and exotic, also dried fruit and fresh juices, and without a doubt the biggest cherries ever
  • A wide selection of meat, with of course a strong emphasis on dried ham and sausages. Sexy Hubby was particularly impressed with the special device to hold the ham, waiting to be cut, and hinted heavily that this would be a wonderful birthday present. I am not quite sure where we would put a massive piece of ham on display in our kitchen, but this is just a minor detail
  • Freshly baked loaves of bread and tempting, mouth-watering cakes
  • Eggs presented in baskets lined with straw and funny hen signs
  • Fine wines, olive oils, vinegars, jams and sweets, including giant Chupa Chups. Second Daughter has yet to see the photos but I am certain she will ask why on earth we have not bought her one!

As we left I was starting to feel hungry, even though breakfast had happened quite recently, and wishing that I could buy my groceries in this amazing place every day…


5 thoughts on “Barcelona – Mercat St. Josep La Boqueria”

  1. I remember it well – the array of colours and scents; just heavenly. Mmmm Chupa chups…

    So your husband wants a ham holder now? Not content with an asparagus steamer, he’s after another kitchen gadget. Have you enough cupboards?? 😉

    1. Second Daughter is right there with you regarding the Chupa Chups… 😉 As for Sexy Hubby, I think the idea would be to leave the ham out on display so I cannot use the cupboards excuse!!

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