Just before leaving for my Barcelona holiday I received a lovely email from Nina, representing Bags of Love, asking if I would be interested in reviewing one of their products. She was proposing I sent her the photo of my choice and they would produce a personalised canvas for me.

As it happens, a photographer friend of ours, who had been considering adding a new “couple” service to her offer, had asked Sexy Hubby and I to be models for her. We had agreed and did a shooting at her studio back in January. Nina’s email arrived at the perfect time, as I had wanted to have something like this done with one of the photos for a while. Believe me, it was a though choice, I love ALL one hundred and one of them…

I therefore replied that I would be very happy to review the proposed product and sent off the chosen picture. This was on Thursday June 23rd and on Monday June 27th my canvas arrived, having travelled overseas. I was impressed before I even opened the package by how quickly it was delivered.

I was even more delighted after opening it when I discovered the result. The quality of the image is fantastic, sharp and with the right amount of contrast. The canvas is very well mounted, with everything you need to hang it. Sexy Hubby has yet to see it as he works away from home during the week but I have already sent him a picture by email and he was impressed too. If he has any complaints at all I guess it will be that my cleavage, visible in the original photo, is not on the canvas!

I have of course checked out the Bags of Love website and found the prices to be very reasonable. I also spotted a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” offer for several products. Browsing through the categories has actually given me ideas for presents and I would not hesitate to order from them.

I invite you to discover a selection of what Bags of Love has to offer, such as photo wallpaper, photo calendars, photo jigsaw or photo canvas.

As for our personalised canvas, it has already found its place in our home…

What do you think?


Disclosure: I received the canvas for free in return for writing this review.

Photo copyright: © Jaytee Van Stean – 2011
This picture cannot be used, reproduced or copied in any form without the written consent of its author.



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    1. Thank you, will pass it along to our friend! 🙂 Cannot wait for Sexy Hubby to see it.

    1. Thanks so much, dear, our friend will be delighted with the comments! 🙂 Hope you are doing OK after your bad news. xx

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