Wednesday was May 1st. A bank holiday and the by now firmly established tradition of our trip to the Far West.

Sadly it was not as sunny and warm as in years past but this did not deter us. Out came the cowboy/cowgirl boots and hats and off we went, not on our horses but in our car.

We had lunch there, listened to some good music and Second Daughter got her treat in the form of sweets. We did not stay as long as we normally would have, as dogs are not allowed. Cute Doggy was waiting for us at home and we took him out afterwards for a long walk and then to a farm event.

Another fun May 1st!


BackToTheFarWest_1 BackToTheFarWest_2BackToTheFarWest_3


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6 thoughts on “Back To The Far West”

  1. Saddle up! Looks like fun.
    We have to curtail days out, too. Puppy’s bladder is still unpredictable, but it will get better. Big dog can hold all day – not that we want to leave him that long 🙂

    1. It is always a lot of fun, great atmosphere!
      We were thrilled with the way Cute Doggy behaved at the other place we went to. The bladder thing is already improving and he now often “tells” us he needs to go by sitting in front of the door! 🙂 xx

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