Back To My Roots

I had not been back for nine years. My Grandmother’s native village in Piedmont. A small place built halfway up a mountain, with narrow, cobbled streets and stone houses. A short drive from beautiful Lago Maggiore and its Borromean Islands.

I spent a lovely “generation” holiday week there in the summer with my Mum, Auntie, sister and my two daughters. Cute Doggy was the only male representative! 😉 We went for walks around the village, to the nearby forest and to the “summer” hamlet, an hour’s hike up the mountain. We caught a boat to cross the lake and visited a market on the other side. As other family members were present at the same time, we had lovely meals together. Simple moments but lasting memories.

On a walk alone with the dog, I realised how much I had missed Italy. Or should I say my roots? I have always felt more Italian than Swiss. That family spirit, the love of people and spending time together with relatives and friends, often around the dinner table. I came back feeling re-energised.

I have to go back. Soon.
Piedmont - Italy - Church
Piedmont - Italy - Nautre
Piedmont - Italy -  Valley with river
Piedmont - Italy - Roman stone bridge
Piedmont - Italy - Religious painting
Piedmont - Italy - Oratory
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3 thoughts on “Back To My Roots

  1. Linley

    Italy is one of the most beautiful of the world, not only because there are nice landscapes, but because there is a “savoir-vivre” (food, building, history… who make Italian people) !

  2. Laure

    Ça y est tu es tombée sous le charme de cet art de vivre à l’Italienne… Normal c’est une partie de tes racines. Je te comprends, Gêne, Catholica, Venise, mais surtout particulièrement Rome: Rome reste gravée dans mon cœur. Les vestiges de l’Antiquité sont partout, on prend un ascenseur vertigineux entre l’époque des Étrusques et notre futur… car c’est une ville vivante, joyeuse, romantique, une muse des artistes de tous horizons… il y a à la fois l’impatience, la frénésie de vivre tout, tout de suite, et l’art de prendre tout son temps pour savourer ce qui se passe ici et maintenant. Et le sens, les liens de la famille y sont très forts aussi. C’est sympa tes partages sur ta vie et tes amours. Merci. Bonnes fêtes à toi et ta lovely family, plein de câlins au petit chien, Bisous!

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