As the lovely Nichola over at F.A.B. at Forty can attest, I have a bit of a thing for Virginia creepers, especially as they slowly turn into gorgeous shades of deep red in the autumn.

Nichola is lucky enough to have a Virginia creeper climbing on her house, perhaps I will too one day, who knows? But at the moment, I have to make do with the ones crossing my path. Like the fabulous examples below.

Which plant or tree is your favourite?
Virginia Creeper Turning Red In Autumn House Covered With Virginia Creeper Virginia Creeper Climbing On Trellis Virginia Creeper On Statue

14 thoughts on “Autumnal Virginia Creeper”

  1. aw thank you Katia for the lovely mention and I’m loving your creeper pictures too. My Virginia Creeper is definitely one of my all time favourites, especially at this time of year when it turns that gorgeous red. Maybe next Autumn you’ll come for a visit and we can watch it turning together 🙂 xx

  2. Boys and me yesterday said how autumn was great with its colours. Maybe the nicest season, even if not the hottest 😉

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