Summer is definitely over. There is a distinct chill in the air in the morning, and every day when we get up we notice the sky has gone one shade darker. The days are not so long anymore, and we are pondering whether or not to turn the heating on.


But still, we are being blessed with gorgeous, sunny days. The sun is of course not as hot, but winter jackets are only a distant possibility. On those days, Second Daughter and I like to head off to a forest or a park.


Last week we engaged into one of our favourite autumnal activities: chestnut collecting! We came back with a big bag, and they have been used to decorate our home.


Of course, Second Daughter kept some for her craft projects. So far she has made spiders out of them with her friends.


I wonder what will come next?



8 thoughts on “Autumn”

  1. What comes next is the rain – and it is over South East England at the moment. I had to put the heating on today – to get my coat, hat, dog coat etc dry, before I have to go out to walk him again this afternoon.

    BTW, we also pick up pine cones at this time of year as they make great kindling for our wood burning stove 🙂

    1. We had some rain too today, but then it cleared and the sun came back.
      We are a bit partial to pine cones too, sadly I do not have a wood burning stove anymore (but will again one day!), so we use them for decoration as well. xx

  2. Have fond memories of my son coming home in the Autumn from primary school with his pockets stuffed full of conkers. But I also remember doing the same myself and my dad dipping them in vinegar so they would harden to play ‘conkers’!

  3. Autumn is there and birthdays with… 😉 Except that, I don’t like really this season !

    But enjoy it ! 😛

  4. Beautiful photographs, I love Autumn for it’s wonderul world of discovery for little ones. That’s a fantastic collection of conkers.

    Popping over from Britmums Best Post Of The Week

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. The conkers look great in our home too. 🙂 I find that we spend more and more time doing things like this with DD2, and it feels good.

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