This is my third post recounting our UK trip after Silent Sunday and the Samhain celebrations in the Chalice Gardens, Glastonbury.

Second Daughter and I enjoyed lovely moments with my friend and her two boys. On our second day, we first had a fantastic breakfast in a great café full of atmosphere. Once done, we hopped into the car and drove to Bournemouth for a walk on the beach.

The sun was shining, the breeze was invigorating, the water was glistening and the sand felt crisp under our boots. Just perfect. And then we came across these gorgeous beach huts, obviously freshly repainted and all locked up for the cold season. I loved them so much that I had to immortalize the whole row.


Do you find them beautiful too?


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24 thoughts on “Autumn – Closed Beach Huts”

  1. Beach huts are one of the most beautiful sites at a beach, I would adore to own one and paint it a vibrant pastel colour, fit it out with 50s style accessories and watch my son playing on the beach in front of me. Beautiful photographs and I hope they have a good rest for the Winter.

    Popping over from The Gallery.

  2. I love beach huts – memories of sitting outside one as a child.
    Am slightly envious when I see them in posh places like Southwold.
    These are fantastic the colours are beautiful.

        1. Sure ! Me also. Just one trip in my life in London and Oxford and I got sunburned. If my face is ok today, my dignity not yet ! 😀

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