Believe it or not, asparagus are an institution in the region where we live. As soon as April makes its appearance people have this expectant look on their faces, waiting with bated breath for their favourite selling spot to open. And I can tell you that the competition is fierce. Forget supermarkets, farms and market stalls are the places you go to, and many of them offer premium service. You then go home with your kilo or two of white veggies already peeled, which I have to say is rather nice.

On April 3rd we had our annual “Spargellauf” in the nearby town, a competition where you run 5 or 10 km. I was going to join in, convinced it would be around mid-May thus giving me time to train, but had to decline as by then I had only gone running twice. I fully intend to register next year, though, especially as my sport club sponsors it and it would be fun to run with the ladies I see there regularly.

Coming up this weekend is “Spargelsamstag”, still in our neighbouring town. The day will be filled with activities for both adults and children, exhibitions, official opening of the brand new castle square, concerts, longer opening hours for shops and of course plenty of opportunities to sample different asparagus dishes. We already attended last year as described in my “The Truth About The Germans – Part I” post and had a blast, so I am looking forward to this year’s edition.

April was also the month when we upped our standards and bought a proper “Spargeltopf”! I have to confess that when Sexy Hubby first suggested last year to buy a proper saucepan to cook his favourite vegetable I burst out laughing. However, now that we have one I have to admit that he was right. You put them in this mesh basket and then in the saucepan, with the tips just out of the boiling water. About then minutes later you can enjoy asparagus cooked to perfection… Guten Appetit!


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39 thoughts on “April – The Beginning Of The Asparagus Season!”

  1. The title immediately caught my attention – I love asparagus. For us we think of it as the Hubster’s birthday veg (early April).
    so glad to see that they are such an integral part of the culture. I just love the photo – had me giggling!

    1. Thank you for your comment, love them too! Deliberately did not say anything about the photo to find out who had a rude mind, looks like you are number one! 😉

  2. Not seen your site before. ‘Funky Wellies!’ Love it. A friend of mine brought back some freshly picked asparagus from Kent the other day. It was like nothign I’d ever tasted. Compared to what you get int he shops, it might as well be a different vegetable. I’ve only ever seen white asparagus in a food magazine before, but I believe it’s quite common in Germany. Hope you enjoy the festival. Love your pic – loads of fun

    1. Thanks for stopping by, just read your recent posts too! You are right, you mostly get white asparagus here, they taste heavenly. Festival was a lot of fun, as for the photo, you are the second one with a dirty mind then!

    1. Thanks for your stopping by, so third one commenting on the photo in “that” way and first to mention the famous saucepan! As for white asparagus, I can only recommend them.

    1. Thank you for your comment, second saucepan comment, and I did not know that either before moving to Germany!

    1. Third saucepan comment!! Frankly, I am still bewildered that we do have one… 😉 Thanks for commenting.

  3. I Love Asparagus and infact added soem to my trolley the other day, might cook them tonight now you’ve prompted me 😀
    Great run signs! and fab photo

  4. I like asparagus but not enough to run about with it, love the photo!
    I have some in the fridge and will be Delia-ing it later in the week with pasta. Enjoy yours, does taste better from a proper saucepan!

    1. Fourth saucepan comment, I agree, they do taste better. Seventh photo comment, thought it was fun too!

  5. We have a lot of local asparagus too – it’s fabulous at the moment. I love the idea of a special pan for it; must be much better than my contraption which is one pan upside down on top of another!

    1. If we ever meet I will know what to bring you!! Fifth saucepan comment. Surprised you did not comment on the photo!! ;o)

  6. Reminds me of a business trip I made to Bavaria a few years ago at this time. Everywhere we went to eat had special aparagus dishes. Sadly I hate the stuff! 🙂

  7. Funnily enough, I bought some asparagus today – it is lovely just griddled mmm! I love the name of the cooking pan what a mouthful!
    However, your photo did make me laugh – it is a little rude looking *sniggers * x

    1. Another one with a rude mind, ninth comment on the photo! 😉 Sixth comment on saucepan, yep, I find a lot of German words are a mouthful!!

  8. My parents in law (so my husband) love aspergus and eat only that during 2 months !!! Sure to have these this Sunday (fête des mères in Switzerland, Darling ^^)

    Thank you for you big come-back 😉

    1. Glad you are happy to see me back! 😉 So… Did you get asparagus last Sunday?

    1. And a seventh comment on the by now very famous saucepan… Thanks for visiting too. 🙂

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