For those of you who are not familiar with my dealings with the Chicken Man, I suggest you start by reading the two previous posts: The Sanity of The Chicken Man and Quick Update On The Sanity Of The Chicken Man.

Now last week I again went to visit him to buy a bird in order to feed my offspring. I always feel trepidation as I walk up to the van even though my lasts visits have been perfectly normal.

This time though, I greeted him and having said hello in return he immediately told me: “One whole chicken, cut into four pieces?”. I was so speechless I could only nod…

My dear readers, I think that I can now definitely abandon my apprehensions. I do not know what has happened but it looks like the sanity of the Chicken Man is nothing to be worried about anymore!

4 thoughts on “Another Update On The Sanity Of The Chicken Man”

  1. Oh rats!!!! I liked him better when he was crazy – and not on pills – he is not so fun anymore, even though I’m relieved to know you can now buy chicken safely instead of wondering if you’re faced with the reincarnation of Norman Bates 🙂

  2. Have just read the other posts about your Chicken Man and I reckon he knows he’s not going to get anywhere with you so he might as well forget about the “Where are you from?” chat-up lines and just chop the bloody bird into four pieces!

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