This morning I was gushing on Twitter about my wonderful Mother’s Day (since the girls will not be with me next Sunday we celebrated a week early). Well, I should have waited an hour more before posting! It went like this…

About a week ago I was asked what my favourite brunch would be and notes were made, then I was told in no uncertain terms that I HAD to stay in bed that day until called. So far so good. First Daughter baked yesterday a mouth-watering apple cake and tasks for Sunday morning were distributed amongst the kitchen crew, namely Sexy Hubby, First Daughter and Second Daughter. Still good.

This morning I enjoyed being lazy in bed while everybody else was busy and Sexy Hubby kindly brought me a cup of tea telling me that “they were getting there slowly but surely”. Finally, First and Second Daughters burst into the bedroom to drag me into our dining room.

Let me tell you, it was worth the wait! As you can see on these pictures, I got my beloved scrambled eggs complete with chives, smoked salmon and fried mushrooms, tomatoes and spring onions, followed by the heavenly moist and tasty apple cake and a glass of Prosecco. Simply scrumptious! Lovely presents were given to me, some self-made, some bought, I was truly touched by all the efforts to make this a special day.

And then… it all went wrong because of a mindless fight about a “Twilight” postcard and a “New Moon” poster. Suggestion was made to colour copy both so there would be two sets, but since each of them wanted to have both originals, the fight then escalated into ugliness and the planned outing to a Flammkuchen Day on a farm finally set off with half its original party.

First and Second Daughters have since come to me to apologize together without any prompting, we shared a long cuddle and everybody can go to sleep at peace tonight. This was just to say, really, that a day which started in a perfect way can sometimes take an unexpected and unpleasant turn, but a happy ending is always possible, even when you least count on it…  And everybody who knows me can tell you that I do LOVE a happy ending and can get pretty upset with movies or books featuring a sad one. Yes, I am still not over the fact that Harrison Ford had to leave Kelly McGillis in “Witness”, and this was in 1985… Having shared that embarrassing piece of information with you, I am now going to join Sexy Hubby for a glass of red wine and a film – hopefully it will be a “feel good” one!