As previously stated, Sexy Hubby and I live apart during the week, as he works too far to commute every day. We both hate these Monday morning goodbyes at the station, sleeping on our own the whole week, communicating only through phone calls, emails and texts, and cannot wait for Friday to make its appearance again.

To make it easier for Sexy Hubby during the week, we decided to get a small flat so that he could be surrounded by his own furniture and objects (fully furnished flats are a bit depressing after a while). He also has his guitars and music equipment there and an insane amount of photos of me (eighteen at last count!). Once in a while, when First and Second Daughters go and stay with their Dad in Switzerland, we spend the weekend in our “love nest”. This gives Sexy Hubby a break from travelling and makes us feel like young students again. The flat consists of a small entrance hall, a bathroom, a kitchenette, a balcony and a relatively large room. In this large room there is a single bed, so when I am around it is camping time and we sleep on mattresses on the floor. There is nothing to “do” in that place, no chores waiting to be dealt with, no dirty clothes to be shoved into the washing machine, no filing, no plants to tend to on the balcony, nothing. And it feels great. We can totally concentrate on each other and we relish that “holiday” feeling.

The last time I was there Sexy Hubby organised a surprise outing and we drove to the lovely old town of Breisach, not far from the French border. It is absolutely gorgeous and when you get to the top after a short walk up the winding streets, you are treated to a wonderful view on the Rhein and the surrounding countryside. The St. Stephan’s cathedral is magnificent and we loved the bull sculpture breaking free from the cobblestones covering the main square. After lunch on a terrace we went wine tasting and came out with a nice selection and a couple of Red secco bottles. Yes, I learned something that day, there is not only white and rosé Prosecco, but also a red version! Divine, but can be dangerous according to the lovely lady who advised us…

Next weekend in the love nest will be mid-August, and I am very much looking forward to it. Would you not?

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    1. It is, this student feeling is really lovely 😉 Thanks for the compliments on the photos, with such a wonderful place it is easy to take great photos! As for the red Prosecco, should you come across it, go for it! 🙂

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