Last week I realised that a 50% Sea Life Centre voucher we had was about to expire. As Second Daughter LOVES going to aquariums and sea life centres, it seemed a shame not to use it. So on Saturday afternoon, off we went in the company of two of her friends.

I cannot remember how many visits we had already made to that particular centre. However, every time we go there is something else to discover. Last weekend we spotted a brand new turtle section, the jellyfish area had been re-decorated in a very effective pirate ship style and as you may have seen in my last Silent Sunday/My Sunday Photo post, we came across shark babies. I had to ask what they were as I had absolutely no idea – my excuse is that I come from a country where there is no sea to be found – and thank you Lesley from Mad Dog Woman of Shackleford for telling us that they are called mermaids’ purses. What a pretty name!

I also like the fact that children are being given a little booklet to fill in with answers, which encourages them to really pay attention to what they are seeing and reading. The three girls also showed me several times along the way how pretty the different stamps they got at each station were… 😉

I really regretted forgetting to take my real camera with me, as it would have been great practice with much better results. There is always the next time, I suppose!

Do you visit Sea Life Centres too?
Sea Life Centre - Waterfall
Sea Life Centre - Eel
Sea Life Centre - Buddha Decor
Sea Life Centre - Turtle
Sea Life Centre - Skull Decor And Ray
Sea Life Centre - Starfish
Sea Life Centre - Pirate Skull Decor
Sea Life Centre - Jellyfish
Sea Life Centre - Sea Anemone
Sea Life Centre - Yellow Fish
Sea Life Centre - Experimenting

15 thoughts on “A Visit To The Sea Life Centre”

  1. Gorgeous pics. It isn’t easy taking photographs in an aquarium with the thick glass and low light.
    We love aquaria, and having grown up on the coast of South Africa, regularly saw mermaid purses on the beach after high tide x.

    1. Thank you, I took loads of photos to get a few decent ones but cannot help wondering what they would have looked like with my camera!
      Your childhood sounds wonderful. 🙂 xx

  2. Oh wow Katia it looks fabulous there. You still have great photos too. Really fancy taking POD to an sea life centre but I think London is probably the best option. She’d love it! Sounds like your daughter is a huge fan fan already. What a great day. Thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

    1. It is not huge but they do have quite a nice selection. Second Daughter does love to go there. 🙂
      I cannot help with one in London, sorry! xx

  3. We’ve been to a few sea life centres/aquariums over the years. I think my favourite was in France when we were on a cruise. Now I am trying to remember where it was!

    1. Cannot help you there!
      The most fabulous one I have been too was in Monterey, California. Amazing. xx

        1. And I have never been to the one in La Rochelle either! 😉
          Sorry for my very late reply, obviously missed your comment. xx

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