This has not happened in a long time: No posts for two weeks! Circumstances, I guess.

I was sick for three weeks with a flu-like virus, which started days before my Switzerland trip. How convenient! During that time, I lost my voice for three days, it was a bit of a struggle to communicate with friends and family, I have to say. The fact that I did not rest much is probably the reason why it went on for another two weeks, with just a couple of days respite in between to make me believe I was OK again.

I kindly passed the virus onto Sexy Hubby, so both of us were not feeling great when we embarked on our decorating project, which we had planned some time before. We re-distributed some rooms in the flat, sorted out A LOT of stuff, painted and moved furniture around. Next we will have to re-organise the cellar, where we just dumped everything that was in the way. We also worked on improving the terrace. We are thrilled with the result, but pretty exhausted!

So here you go, my dear readers, this post was just to get in touch with you again, with the hope that I have not lost you because of my silence.

Here is a glimpse of what is coming next on this blog:

  • Impressions of Dresden
  • Rea Garvey’s solo album and tour
  • Sexy Hubby’s transformation into a DIY god
  • Reviews of my fantastic Valentine’s Day presents
  • The current exhibition of a talented young Swiss artist

Have I tempted you to come back again?

8 thoughts on “A Two Week Pause”

    1. Oh no, don’t tell me you caught it too! 🙁 I hope it is a false alarm and that you will feel fine tomorrow.
      Glad to read I have succeeded in tempting you! 🙂 xx

  1. You’re right, you were so quiet ! I’m so deeply in my life, that I didn’t notice ! I’m sorry ! I’m really glad that you feel better and you’re back on the web <3

    Here work, children' homeworks, tests for new school, weekend alone with kids and my H. who has healthy problem… so I'm full employed as you can see 😉

    1. Thanks! Hope your hubby is OK? Sounds like you have enough to do!! Personal message to follow soon…

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