One of my very first posts on this blog was entitled Wild Wild West… In South Germany. We liked our trip to the Wild West so much that we are now going every year when the club open their doors on May 1st. And it seems they are blessed with gorgeous weather every time!


We enjoy listening to the music, pondering whether or not we should join a line dancing group, we have lunch there, followed by dessert,

and this time, Second Daughter and I took turned in being arrested, using the mini-handcuffs she bought!






A brilliant, relaxing family day. Cannot wait for the next edition!

4 thoughts on “A Trip To The Far West”

    1. Love the handcuffs too… 😉 Second Daughter put them on her Paddington Bear, he looked rather forlorn! It always is a lovely day when we go there. xx

    1. How did I guess that should you comment, you would mention the handcuffs?! 😉 It was a great day!

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