For this week’s Gallery, I am going to cheat a little bit… Firstly because I am on my second week of being sick and therefore have a dramatically reduced level of energy and secondly because I have already written the perfect post for the “Hair” theme! I hope you will forgive me… Here we go:

This post was prompted by the way Sexy Hubby describes his hair when he believes it is getting too long (a matter of opinion, personally I like to have something to grab). He usually says that he is starting to look like:

  1. A Russian man wearing his traditional Ushanka or Papakha hat
  2. One of the Queen’s guards
  3. A bobtail

This is followed within days by a visit to his Italian hairdressers – I suspect he chose them as the latest Playboy is always available, but he swears that he never has time to “read” it and goes there because they are sweet – coming back with an army crew cut.

First Daughter is blessed with beautiful, thick hair. Given that both her father and I, his parents and my Mum have fine hair, I can only imagine that she picked up the genes from my Dad. She is always wearing it long, although sometimes layered, went through a phase of blond highlights and now goes for darker strands. Her hair seems to currently be the only thing to find grace in her eyes and therefore is not being qualified as “rotten”, flavour of the month adjective being applied to anything without discrimination.

Second Daughter is still very much in her princess phase and every trip to the hairdresser is preceded by a longue conversation without fail resulting into: “I want the minimum of minimum cut, only the very ends of my hair”. She favours colourful hair extensions – one at the time, let’s not exaggerate – and can also be very creative!

As for me… After years of battling with my curly dark hair using chemical straightening and regular blow drying as weapons, I have now decided to be more casual about it and let it revert to its natural state. As I get older it is less curly – no more 80’s hairstyle! – and more wavy, and it suits my new chilled out life much more. As a good friend of mine remarked recently: “In all the years I have known you this is the first time I have seen you letting your hair dry naturally and not going to the hairdresser for a professional blow dry. I reckon you have now finally relaxed”.

Indeed, but I still plait it from time to time just to hear Sexy Hubby calling me – do not forget I am Swiss – “Sexy Heidi”!!


16 thoughts on “A Story About Hair”

  1. If you post a picture of me with my Fragglerock hairstyle, I swear to God I will use you know who’s gun to shoot you 🙂

  2. My guy says his long hair makes him look like a girl, but I like his longer hair sooo much better than it buzzed down and short. Every time he cuts it I pout, I like something to grab and like the look of longer hair too.

    1. Will pass on the compliment to DD1, thanks. 🙂 As for cutting Sexy Hubby’s hair, I do not think he would dare ask me… My sister did once, she has very short hair and wanted me to sort out the back, let’s just say she never asked again…

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