The only time I came across snow this winter was on Boxing Day in… Switzerland. I got up and a white, fluffy carpet that had narrowly missed the “White Christmas” title greeted me. Two hours later, every last patch had been washed away by torrential rain.

In our neck of the woods, nothing. Not a single flake. Rain? Yes, sure, but not very frequent. Freezing temperatures? Well, Second Daughter normally cycles to school but I would not let her do this on icy roads. I think Sexy Hubby drove her fewer times than I have fingers on one hand. Certainly nothing as spectacular as the year we arrived in my adoptive country, when the pipe bringing water into the kitchen froze the day before Christmas. Not so dramatic, except that both our families were coming to us that year. Thankfully, the problem sorted it out before they arrived.

What happened instead is that the hyacinth bulbs I had planted on our terrace started growing in January. I rarely got to admire the translucent frost on the grass on my morning walks with Cute Doggy. And on most of these walks, I wore sunglasses. I cannot say that I missed having a “proper” winter, as Daughter of the Sun is the description that would best fit me.

Technically, the photos below were still taken in winter. I added the black and white picture as an attempt to illustrate this, but to no avail. Weakened as it already was, spring easily defeated his rival.
Colourful winter plant in public park
Walk in park with dog
Arty photo in black and white
Peaceful landscape - Bridge over river

22 thoughts on “A Spring Like Winter”

  1. And that’s why I have edited all the photos in black and white on my latest post to make it look all wintry…. as we have had no snow either, nothing; it’s been so unusual this year. Loving your photos though, especially doggy on the lead. Thank you for linking up! X

    1. Always a pleasure to join in, thank you for hosting. 🙂
      I know, it has been really strange… xx

  2. Wonderful photos Katia, it’s been so weird hasn’t it. We’ve had no snow at all. Would have much preferred it to the wind, that was a little scary at times! Here’s hoping we have a wonderful Spring and Summer on the way! Lovely post, thank you for sharing #whatsthestory (and what is the story with the weather!)

  3. We have not seen any snow this winter either. But we have had so much rain and so many dark, dreary days. I am so happy to see Spring. xx

    1. I cannot say our winter was bad at all, but I am incredibly happy to see spring all the same! 🙂 xx

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