I have been wanting to join in the Sticky Fingers’ Gallery fun for quite a while now, and finally I have found the time. I love Tara’s idea to come up with a photograph prompt every week!

Anyway, so here I am and I wanted to share this photo with you today:



I snapped this with my iPhone on Monday. We have this fantastic chandelier – unfortunately not very visible on the photo! – hanging above our dining table and when the sun shines on it through the kitchen window, this is the result…

It symbolises for me my sparkling new life. I moved to Germany a year and a half ago with my children to be with the love of my life and I have never been so happy. I am truly grateful to have been given this opportunity.

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    1. Hi there, thanks for commenting! Love yours too, just commented on your blog. I bet the climate in Cyprus is a bit more pleasant than what we have in Germany at the moment!

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