After all my bragging on Twitter for the past three days about how gorgeous the weather was here and how we had just fired up the barbecue for the first time this year, I went out on the terrace last night and was confronted with this sight:

A sky reminiscent of a Roland Emmerich’s blockbuster, depicting a plethora of natural disasters. I have only seen “The Day After Tomorrow” and “2012” as this is not my type of movies, but I did remember what these menacing clouds looked like.

As an aside, Roland Emmerich’s latest movie, “Anonymous”, was a wonderful surprise, and the performance of Rhys Ifans absolutely amazing.

But I am digressing… The end of the story is that the heavens did open upon us, and we had to hastily retreat inside. Luckily, the sun was back today!

8 thoughts on “A Roland Emmerich Sky”

  1. We have had constant rain for most of April apart from today which was beautiful. Yet I’ve been so used to rain, I didn’t quite know what to do in the sunshine. Rain forecast for the rest of the week though 🙁

    1. That is the weather report I got from all my UK friends… I do hope sunshine will come your way soon!

  2. As you in Germany, we are pretty lucky here with the weather : few rain, a lot of sun. And when it’s raining, we think that it’s good for nature. But my friends who have got the rain for 3 weeks don’t think “ecologist” at all ! 😉 I wonder why 😀

    1. I wonder why too! 😉 Still gorgeous today, but forecast cooler and showers at the weekend. Let’s see!

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