I was very excited at Josie’s idea of a word hunt, as this is one of my favourite hobbies while travelling or simply walking around town. I of course also take “standard” photos of famous spots, monuments or landscapes. However I much prefer the funky details of a city and the words one encounters on a journey, mystifying or funny, raw feelings or stern warnings, written sometimes in the most unusual of places.

Needless to say I had a hard time choosing. A very hard time. I went through my photo albums and travelled back to the UK, the US, Italy, France, Germany, etc. London, Las Vegas, Venice, Narbonne, Berlin. I selected about twenty photos, as I simply could not decide. Should I go for a silly notice such as “Not an Exit” or a quirky club name inviting you into a “Wasted Space”? How about simply “Ristorante” which is enough to make my mouth water at the idea of Italian food or the cool “Face of Fashion”? Decisions, decisions… and in the end I settled for two images.

I love the rhythm of this sentence and it certainly matched how Sexy Hubby and I felt at the time. These words greet you as you enter the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. And a rocking time we had! For those of you who have read my very first post on this blog – “Welcome to Funky Wellies’s Random Thoughts” – you will know that we got married in Las Vegas. We escaped right after spending a wonderful Christmas in our new home with both our families. We did not tell anyone where we were going and what we were about to do, this was just for us, and that was the only way we could imagine making this wonderful commitment to each other.

Intrigued? So were we. As soon as I spotted these words, I pointed them out to Sexy Hubby and dragged him to this place. It turned out to be a hip Berlin label with their own shops, which I have already mentioned in my “The Wonders of Berlin – Part I” post. They offer brightly coloured clothes adorned with arresting phrases or logos, unusual accessories and jewellery and… fantastic bags. I had to buy one of those and went for a red one without the deer logo but with the “Who killed Bambi?” question. Most people I know have commented on it but I always have to point out the twist: Bambi did not die in that Disney movie, it is his mother who got killed…

15 thoughts on “A Rocking House and A Question”

  1. I wish I had time for Josie’s prompt this week. I thought about it but just couldn’t fit it in. I too love words when caught out and about and I have years of photos of interesting signs, a quirky turn of phrase, pretty writing. I love your approach here–I can totally relate to your inspiration and curiosity!

  2. I love that you share my hobby! Spotting words has become one of my new favourite things to do. I love your found words and the stories behind them – love hearing from people who are well travelled! Thanks for taking part xx

    1. Thank you for your comment, Josie! Yes, word spotting is a fascinating hobby, with the added bonus of being free! Thanks for the Writing Workshop, it is such a great idea. xx

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