So… What is happening in our household this week?

1. The lice menace returned (see my original “Lice Attack” post). However, it was this time a much more discreet appearance, with only two bugs found in DD2’s hair on Tuesday, nothing on Wednesday, one more on Thursday and none again today. To say that DD2 was devastated is a bit of an understatement, but I believe she has now been reassured that we WILL survive this second wave.

2. I have been very concerned about our Lovely Rabbit, who lives outside on the terrace. These dreadful Siberian temperatures have now reached our corner of Germany, and I have been piling thick woollen blankets on top of her hutch in an attempt to insulate her home. We are also taking turns in replacing her frozen water bottle. Lovely Rabbit, however, seems totally unfazed by this climate change and is doing very well, thank you!


3. I brainstormed yesterday with my photographer friend. And we decided that we want to come up with more Desigual ideas given the success of our Advent calendar. Stay tuned for new colourful shots on this blog!

4. DD2 has developed a new mania: paper boat making. She fabricates them at school with her friends and comes back with piles of them that need decorating. She produces them in industrial quantity at home too, including in hat sizes as you can see.


5. This weekend will see the start of the wig hunt (not to be confused with the witch variety). Carnival is coming up, and “Wigs, powder and pomade” is the theme of the party we will be attending. Yes, I will be posting photos in due course.

6. Last but not least, I am looking forward to friends coming around for afternoon tea on Sunday. It will be done properly, with finger sandwiches, scones, blueberry muffins (thanks Mari for the recipe!) and a chocolate and apple cake.

I am now off to get all the ingredients I need and I wish you all a fantastic weekend!

4 thoughts on “A Quick Week Overview”

  1. Siberian wind here too, but you know 😉

    I forgot your poor rabbit in this winter ! Of course they are better armed than us, but it’s really cold !

    Nice boats, DD2, I did et do the same, often (when I eat a chocolate in a paper, I use the paper to make one, for example) but please, decorate them indeed ! Swiss flag, English flag, your rabbit… so many ideas ! 😛

    1. Yep, I do know… 😉 She seems to be absolutely fine and not bothered at all, unlike us! As for the boats, the mania continues… (see today’s post!!)

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