I have Italian blood, and this has an impact on the cars I favour. I have by now totally accepted the fact that I will never own a Ferrari or a Maserati, but I am currently driving a Lancia Delta that I love. I find the design funky and the car is responsive and very easy to drive.

As Sexy Hubby and I live apart during the week for work reasons, we have a second car, which was actually bought before the Lancia. My daughters had been asking if we could have a convertible and I had always refused. However, having witnessed how great the weather often is here in our little corner of the world – yes, seriously – and as I had no choice but to replace my dying Ford Puma, I agreed. This is when the trouble began. There are not that many brands which offer a four seater convertible, and certainly not my absolute favourite one, Alfa Romeo. Which is why we have a second hand BMW, the first car we looked at. I was moving countries at the time and frankly, I just wanted to relax during my weekends in Germany instead of touring the local garages.

I have owned an Alfa in the past and it would be lovely to have one again. I have only just found out that there should have been a four seater convertible but it was decided to go for the Alfa Spider instead. Even though I think it is a beautiful car, I am not sure this was the right decision?

Our BMW will have to be replaced next year, or in 2013 at the latest. Let’s see what Alfa Romeo comes up with until then…


Photo source: www.autoblog.com – Post by Noah Joseph – April 25th, 2011

9 thoughts on “A Quick Rant About My Favourite Car Brand”

  1. You sound very like Mr L I just buy a car as long as it fits in myself Mr L Baba and the dog I am happy, Mr L however is very particular about cars. Hopefully they will come up with a car you like by 2013 so that you get the one that you are happy with xx

    1. This post is not to be taken too seriously… 😉 The most important thing for me is to have a reliable car which does not break down on me. I would quite happily replace the BMW with a cute Fiat 500! Thanks for commenting. xx

    1. Indeed, you can beat the Italians when it comes to design. I used to have an Alfa 166, but I am happy too with my Lancia Delta.

    1. I know… By the way, I will have a four seater BMW convertible to sell next year!! 😉

    1. Oh, you are back! 🙂 Thanks, yep, a convertible is great (although this week it has been pouring down with rain so have not used it much!).

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