I thought I would give you some news about Lovely Rabbit. I expressed my concern for her last week, but she is still totally unbothered by this below freezing weather and cannot wait to be let out in her pen around lunchtime.

Last Saturday, she also got a new home… Let’s just say that our first attempt at buying a hutch was not entirely successful. We had already decided to replace it in the spring, but when Second Daughter opened it a couple of weeks ago and the roof just fell off, we knew we had to act sooner (I would like to point out that we did mount the hutch properly, it was just really bad quality!). As you can see below Sexy Hubby did a fantastic job, and Lovely Rabbit has adjusted to her new dwelling superbly.

At the moment, given the cold, we let her out and put her back in. However, since her new hutch has a little ladder, she will be independent in the spring/summer. We will use the metal fencing we already have to create her new kingdom, and my guess is that she will love it!


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    1. LOL! 🙂 It is nice, but let’s just say that Lovely Rabbit has already “customized” it…

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