Now, that would be pretty sad, would it not? Fortunately, you can count on plenty of things to add colours to your life:

  • Sunshine and rain together, creating wonderful rainbows
  • The sleepy smile of your child as you share a good night cuddle
  • An explosion of bright spots as spring flowers blossom
  • The hug of a friend who understands how you feel without you having to say anything
  • Touches of vivid orange courtesy of pumpkins scattered in autumnal fields
  • Waking up in the morning and realising that the person you love is already reaching for you
  • Fireworks announcing a new year full of possibilities
  • And… the music of Rea Garvey!


I was already a fan of Reamonn and was therefore full of anticipation when I heard that Rea was releasing a solo album called Can’t Stand The Silence. And the least that I can say is that he did not disappoint! I love ALL the songs, and no matter how many times I listen to them, I cannot decide which one is my favourite. I find the lyrics have real meaning – something that is sorely lacking in a lot of songs that we hear today, if you ask me – and together with the music, it does make my soul vibrate.


Rea was also recently a coach on The Voice Of Germany. I do not normally watch casting shows, but this one is different (even Sexy Hubby watched it, believe me, that says a lot!). First of all, the selected candidates could actually sing. And the five coaches (Nena, The Boss Hoss, Xavier Naidoo and Rea) were so much fun. As a foreigner myself, I smiled many times at Rea’s colourful German, and yes, I had to get my “Unfuckingfassbar” T-Shirt… I could totally relate to his many emotional moments and eyes full of tears, but I do not thank him for saying that his daughter is collecting one Euro from him every time he says a “bad word”… My own daughter is now doing the same with me!


You might also remember my recent “Dresden – First Impressions” post. The reason Sexy Hubby picked that March weekend for my birthday present is that Rea was performing at the Alter Schlachthof on the Sunday night. I was very excited at the prospect, and just like with the album, the show totally lived up to my expectations. Rea is a brilliant performer with authenticity and a voice immediately recognisable. As he moved and danced about on stage, you could feel how much he enjoys it. And there was no shortage of warm, funny interaction with the public either. As it happens, Rea had a stint at working in a slaughterhouse once (the name of the concert location, Alter Schlachthof, meaning Old Slaughterhouse) and his recollection made us all laugh.


I would also like to mention his great musicians and Margarita, the backing singer, who happens to be Rea’s sister. Their contribution certainly added to the enjoyment for us public. And so did the opening act, Nerina Pallot, a songwriter and singer with great integrity and charisma in abundance. Michael Schulte, Rea’s protégé on The Voice Of Germany, was also part of the programme. He shared a song with Rea, and then performed his first single “You Carry Me Home”. Now I have to admit that I am not really a fan of Michael’s music, but I found it very nice of Rea to include Michael and give him the chance to perform in front of a sold out venue.

I used lyrics extracted from “Colour Me In”, one of Rea’s new songs, as the title of this post. And I will use a sentence out of “Heart Of An Enemy” to end it: “We all need some love in our lives”. How true, and music for me in one of the many forms love can take. Thank you, Rea, for bringing more love into our lives.



Rea Garvey’s photo courtesy of his newsletter, all other photos my own.