I really wanted to write a new post today but was hesitating on the subject. I picked up my iPhone to idly look through my calendar, scanning all the activities we have had recently – and being the end of the school year believe me we have NOT been bored, not that we ever are, but you catch my drift – and suddenly it hit me: music and dance really play a big part in our lives.

First of all, Sexy Hubby plays the guitar, First Daughter used to play the violin but now, she and her sister both play the piano. Once upon a time I played the piano too and now of course deeply regret that I did not persevere. However it is never too late and who knows, I might take it up again one day, that is more seriously than just occasionally playing with Second Daughter. Sexy Hubby used to play in a band when he was younger and may well do this again, although sadly at the moment the time he can devote to this passion is not enough. Perhaps one day I will be a successful author and he can then retire from his day job and indulge in music only. Dreams… but sometimes they do come true!

We are also surrounded by musician friends, guitar, piano, keyboard, singing, we do have lovely as well as lively evenings! A great friend of ours recently joined a band, we went to one of their gigs not long ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Should you want to discover more about them here is the link to their demo songs: Muddy Grass. Another one has been working on his second album after the first one got good reviews in Switzerland and he has played at quite a few venues already. Here is his MySpace page too: Mykonos.

Most of the time we have music playing in our home. It can be the current favourite of Second Daughter – after a few days we usually know all the songs by heart as the CD player is constantly on “repeat”!! – or guitar riffs seeping out of First Daughter’s bedroom as heavy metal has found its way to her heart. It can also be me putting Bon Jovi on loud when I need to get on with lots of different tasks. This band holds a big place in my heart as it is linked to so many good memories and I cannot remember how many times I danced on one of their hits. I do recall though that my best friend and I invented a dance routine on “Livin’ on a prayer” which we performed at every possible opportunity, allowing us to discover that being ridiculous definitely does not kill…

I have a lot of music, quite eclectic tastes too, but my collection is nothing compared to Sexy Hubby’s. He made me discover so many artists whom I now love and for this I am deeply grateful. We enjoy going to concerts together very much, you already know about our Scorpions evening in Berlin, we also saw ZZ Top last year, this Sunday it will be Incognito, there has been Simply Red, Greg Koch, various festivals, etc, as well as our monthly evenings at a venue ten minutes from our flat. This place has its own band, there is a different theme every time, like “One Hit Wonders” or “Night of the guitars reloaded”, and it is always brilliant.

As for dancing… I did have some modern dance tuition when I was (much) younger and now Second Daughter attends ballet and hip hop classes. Her dance school recently staged a show called “Dance Stories” and we had a very good time, it was alternatively sweet with the little ones – mostly looking at each other to figure out what they were supposed to do next – and impressive with the older pupils. I also used to dance holding my daughters when they were babies and they absolutely loved this. We do still dance together in the lounge from time to time now, but I can no longer carry them!!

Sexy Hubby and I also enjoy dancing at parties or when hitting the town but we are so busy this does not happen often enough, I think! We still talk about that wild evening we spent with friends at the MAD (a club in Lausanne, Switzerland) almost two years ago. Let’s just say that a lot of champagne was drunk and quite a few of the hair extensions I was wearing at the time as well as my gold sandals did NOT survive the night… There have been some good parties too, but my absolute favourite memory is the following: when “Still Loving You” came out – I know, again! – no boy was in love with me at the time and therefore I did not get the chance to dance on this. Now fast forward more than twenty years later to the 80’s themed 40th birthday party of a good friend of mine. That fantastic Scorpions song was played and I got my “revenge”, I did get to dance on it and with the sexiest and most handsome man present that night, no less! Said man was also sweet enough to dance on it with me again when we got home, in the hall of my then house and with the song being played on my iPhone…

Music and dance really are present everywhere with us.


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  1. I played piano for years and then just stopped because I didn’t have enough time. I was never really any good but now I’m thinking that I should have at least to try and play a bit so that I would remember all the stuff … but no. I sat down and tried to play a couple of months ago but I had no idea what to do or where to start. I’d lost it! I think maybe in the years to come I’ll start again and see what happens! 🙂

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