It was a gorgeous early summer Sunday. I was still living in Switzerland. My neighbour and friend came around and said: “How about coming to us for a drink this afternoon? The kids can play in the pool, and you could meet my Mum and Stepdad?”. Her proposal I readily agreed to.


Off we went later on, armed with swimming suits, towels, sun cream and hats. Between us we have five offspring, who got on like a house on fire. The weather had been nice for a few days, so the temperature of the water, if not really warm, was pleasant all the same.


The children played in the pool, and while drying off in the sun, read books, completed puzzles and made drawings. They ran around the lawn, used the swings and slide, but the highlight of that part of the day was definitely climbing all together on the roof of the Wendy house! The older ones were very sweet and looked after the younger ones carefully.


Meanwhile us adults sat around the pool, enjoying the sunny day, chatting, laughing and drinking lovely glasses of wine. We were having such a good time that aperitif turned into an early dinner, to the kids’ delight, who then decided to get ready for it by having a bath all together!

This is just a simple memory, but a very happy one. Friends, sun, good wine and food, you do not need much else really, do you?


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    1. Thank you, it was good! 🙂 The friend mentioned in this post is visiting this weekend, looking forward to it.

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