These photos of my two girls were taken a year apart, give or take a couple of months.

The first one shows them on holiday in their Italian great-grandmother’s native village.

In the second one, they are on their way to school, walking up the road to the bus stop.

I love the way their hands are entwined. Their closeness transpires in these pictures. First Daughter looks grown up already, and very much in charge. Her little sister has total confidence in her sibling, and she lets her lead the way.

They do not hold hands like this anymore, and now they live in different countries. But the complicity remains. And this gives me great happiness.


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36 thoughts on “A Family Story – Unity”

  1. Those photos are really lovely.

    One of my biggest hopes for my girls is that grow to have a special bond. At the moment, they argue non stop but fingers crossed they’ll grow out of it as they get older!

    1. Well, my two also argue and fight, but moments such as shown on these photos make up for that! 😉 Keeping my fingers crossed for you too!

  2. I’ve looked at these photos over and over they are lovely and complicity is a beautiful word.

    1. Thank you. I showed it to Second Daughter, she had a big smile but was also a bit emotional! First Daughter will read it too, and I am sure we will discuss it next time we talk.

  3. I’m a single child and I LOVE to see strong brotherhood. My hart beats a little bit faster each time.

    Big huges to your daughters

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