Granted, I will not be the only one there. But I am so looking forward to seeing Bon Jovi live as part of their Circle Open Air Tour tomorrow. Golden Circle tickets were bought on the day they went on sale last November by my wonderful Sexy Hubby as I was travelling at the time.

Why I am mentioning this for a Flashback Friday post? Because the band and I go way back. To my teenage years, to be precise. I have already mentioned Bon Jovi in my “A Life Filled With Music And Dance” and “The Bon Jovi Dreams” posts. To say that I am a little bit obsessed is probably an understatement, I have so many fantastic memories with their music.

This is a photo of myself when I was about seventeen. I used to go out dancing with friends a lot and this was one of my outfits… My best friend had the same, and as mentioned before, we had developed an absolutely marvellous choreography on “Livin’ On A Prayer”. I am planning a big birthday party in September and it is entirely possible that we will be performing again (you have been warned).

My outfit tomorrow, weather permitting, will be this, slightly different! The black hat is still a feature but these days it is a cowgirl hat instead of a straw one. I am closely monitoring the weather forecast, and so far so good. This would be a first as every time I go to an open air performance it is pouring down (see “Rock The Nation“, the latest example). Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Should you want to read a review of the concert, you can come back on Monday, it will of course be available on this blog. I wish you all a wonderful weekend too!


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14 thoughts on “A Date With Bon Jovi”

    1. LOL!! I LOVE the convict/pyjama combo description… I regret my friend and I did not keep them, I would have worn that outfit for my upcoming birthday party! 😉

    1. Since you love that outfit so much, I am considering taking the photo to the lovely Italian dressmaker in our village and asking her if she could reproduce it!! 😉

  1. I KNEW it was going to be you when I saw Bon Jovi as your link title! Have a fabulous time, I love your outfit and hope weather stays good for you so you get to wear it

    1. I am really transparent, aren’t I? 😉 Thanks, so far so good, sun is shining!! Have a great weekend too. xx

  2. Love that 80’s look you are sporting there! I have never been a fan of Bon Jovi although a couple of my friends were and I think still are. I hope you enjoy the concert and your look is ‘in’ at the mo really isn’t it with a lot of 80’s clothes back in fashion! X

    1. Thanks for being so kind! Actually wore that striped outfit on a holiday to Austria with my parents, we were staying in a 5* hotel – where Spandau Ballet had stayed too! – cannot believe I did this… My poor parents!! Sun is shining today, so outfit number 2 it is! xx

  3. Ah, the outfit is not so bad. If only I had worn a hat in the 80s, it would have solved all my hair problems 🙂

    (Did you recreate the choreography for your birthday party?)

    1. LOL!! 🙂 I am REALLY curious about your hair now… Regarding the outfit, I think you are being extremely kind… As for the choreography, sadly not, as my friend could not make it to the party. BUT I have already bought tickets for another Bon Jovi concert next year. I am aiming at being invited on stage to perform it!! 😉 xx

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