I had dutifully read Tara’s post about the next theme for the Gallery: Take photos of your day on Friday 11.11.11. But I forgot all about it, until Sexy Hubby and I were sitting at a dinner table, having been invited to discover a friend’s new home. I noticed how his beautiful candleholder was projecting an interesting shadow on the wall. And I knew I had my photo. Sadly I only had my iPhone with me, no proper camera, but still I find the effect striking.

To me it symbolizes this time of change. As we leave the light period of the year to enter the night one, the warmth of candles is very welcome. I will hang onto it until the spring and summer days are upon us once again.


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24 thoughts on “11.11.11 – Time Of Change”

  1. Great picture!! Have you tried it in b&w, too? I have a feeling it would be powerful (could depend on how it’s turned b&w, though). Of course, the color version already is very powerful, but there’s something about this picture that I think would come out perhaps even more in black and white. (Sorry, can’t turn off the photographer in me ;-)).

    Anyway, I love the picture as well as how you gave it context through your story; great post!

    1. LOL!! I did try it in black & white, and you are right, it looks absolutely stunning. I hesitated, but in the end, talking about the warmth of candles seeing us through the dark season, I decided that colour was required.
      Thanks for your kind words, happy you enjoyed the post! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Bryony! I use my iPhone camera a lot, it is great being able to record meaningful moments at any time.

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